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What is Pressotherapy?

What is Pressotherapy?


Have you ever noticed your favourite athlete wearing compression sleeves on Instagram and wondered why? Here is all the information you require regarding compression therapy, also known as pressotherapy and how athletes use it to train harder and recover quicker.

What is Pressotherapy?

Pressotherapy is a powerful technique that increases blood flow and the effectiveness of the lymphatic and venous systems by applying regulated pressure to the extremities. Pure Medical offers dynamic compression, which employs compressed air to mobilise fluid and promote circulation, as opposed to traditional compression, which uses socks or stockings. This technique uses “sleeves” that slide over your arms, legs, or hips to provide a pressured, pneumatic massage.

How does Pressotherapy Work?

The principle behind pressotherapy is rather straightforward and works by encouraging your body to provide more oxygen and nutrients to specific places, which speeds up recovery, reduces pains and aches, and enhances athletic performance.

What do you do while waiting?

Sessions typically last 30 minutes. You can take a sit, unwind, read a book, browse Instagram, meditate, or nap. The choice is yours as long as you stay still and let pressotherapy do its thing. But if it’s your first time, make sure to pack a book or charge your phone beforehand!

Who uses pressotherapy?

Pressotherapy has been utilised by professional athletes as a way to recuperate more quickly after challenging tournaments or in between hard training sessions. The pneumatic squeezing technique enhances blood and lymphatic flow in your limbs, enabling muscles to recover from pain or overuse more quickly. As a result, athletes may perform at higher intensities with less recovery time in between workouts. Consider the last time you performed squats. The outcome is that your legs are really sore for two to three days later. For the majority of people, it doesn’t happen very often. Stairs are tough to climb, sitting is uncomfortable, and you can forget about working out again. However, with pressotherapy, recovery time is drastically shortened because the system imitates therapeutic pressure, which lessens sensitivity and soreness in the process. After a challenging workout, it functions as a sports massage without the associated cost.

A couple of professional athletes who use pressotherapy to recover include:

Sir Lewis Hamilton F1

Andy Murray – Tennis

Sir Chris Hoy – Cyclist

But the list of athletes that employ compression is far from complete. Olympic athletes, CrossFitters, cyclists, swimmers, and triathletes all swear by compression for recovery. Additionally, Restore is extending its reach beyond the professional ranks to weekend warriors, parents, and star players in the neighbourhood cricket league by making compression accessible to customers at a reasonable price.



Each user will experience pressotherapy differently, however many people report that after using pressotherapy, their arms, legs, or hips feel lighter and they are not as sore as they were before. If you want to hear about my direct first-person experience, here it is: after I ran a marathon the first time I applied compression to my legs, and I felt incredibly light on my feet and unaffected the next day. Although I still enjoy running, it caused me to pause and reevaluate my training programme. For the best results, I now attempt to combine running with pressotherapy at least 2-3 times each week.

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