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Sexual Health Issues

Sexual Health Issues

Balanitis see Penis Disorders

Bisexual Health see LGBTQ+ Health

Body Lice

Child Molestation see Child Sexual Abuse

Child Sexual Abuse

Chlamydia Infections

Clap see Gonorrhea

Condylomata Acuminata see Genital Warts

Crab Lice see Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Dyspareunia see Sexual Problems in Women

Erectile Dysfunction

Female Circumcision see Sexual Problems in Women

Female Sexual Dysfunction see Sexual Problems in Women

Genital Herpes

Genital Warts


Herpes Genitalis see Genital Herpes

Herpes Simplex

Homosexuality see LGBTQ+ Health


HPV Vaccine see HPV

Human Papillomavirus see HPV

Impotence see Erectile Dysfunction

Lesbian Health see LGBTQ+ Health

LGBTQ+ Health

Male Genital Disorders see Penis Disorders; Testicular Disorders

Pelvic Pain

Penile Disorders see Penis Disorders

Penis Disorders

Peyronie’s Disease see Penis Disorders

Pregnancy Hazards see Reproductive Hazards

Premature Ejaculation see Sexual Problems in Men


Pubic Lice

Reproductive Hazards

Semen see Testicular Disorders

Sex see Sexual Health

Sexual Abuse of Children see Child Sexual Abuse

Sexual Health

Sexual Health, Teens see Teen Sexual Health

Sexual Problems in Men

Sexual Problems in Women

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

STD see Sexually Transmitted Diseases


Teen Sexual Health

Testicular Disorders

Transgender Health see LGBTQ+ Health


Undescended Testicle see Testicular Disorders

Vaginismus see Sexual Problems in Women

Venereal Disease see Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Venereal Warts see Genital Warts

Sexual Health Issues

Sexual health issues are wide-ranging and encompass sexual orientation and gender identity, sexual expression, relationships, and pleasure.