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Diagnostic Tests

Diagnostic Tests


Amniocentesis see Prenatal Testing


Blood Pressure see Vital Signs

Blood Tests see Laboratory Tests

Breathing Rate see Vital Signs

CAT Scans see CT Scans

Chorionic Villi Sampling see Prenatal Testing


COVID-19 Testing

CT Scans

Diagnostic Imaging


Fetal Ultrasound see Prenatal Testing

Genetic Testing

Heart Rate see Vital Signs

Haemoglobin A1c see A1C

Kidney Biopsy see Kidney Tests

Kidney Function Tests see Kidney Tests

Kidney Tests

Laboratory Tests

Magnetic Resonance Imaging see MRI Scans


MRI Scans

Nuclear Scans

Paternity Testing see Genetic Testing

PET Scans see Nuclear Scans

Prenatal Testing

Pulse see Vital Signs

Radiography see X-Rays

Radionuclide Scans see Nuclear Scans

Roentgen Rays see X-Rays

Sigmoidoscopy see Colonoscopy

Temperature see Vital Signs

Thyroid Tests

Vital Signs


Diagnostic Tests

Any medical test used to identify a condition, disease, or ailment in patients exhibiting a certain set of symptoms is referred to as diagnostic tests.