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21 Conditions G

Gallbladder cancer

Symptoms Include:
Pain | Nausea | Jaundice | Weight loss


The gallbladder is a pouch-like structure that sits beneath the liver. Gallbladder cancer is a very uncommon malignancy. If you develop signs of gallbladder cancer, see a doctor to have them checked out.


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Symptoms Include:
Pain | Jaundice | Temperature


Gallstones are tiny stones that occur in the gallbladder and are usually formed of cholesterol. The gallbladder is a pouch-like structure that sits beneath the liver.


Related Conditions:
Stomach ache and abdominal pain

Ganglion cyst

Symptoms Include:
Lump | Pain | Swelling


A ganglion cyst is a fluid-filled swelling that forms around a joint or tendon. Cysts can be as small as a pea or as large as a golf ball. They’re usually innocuous, but they can be painful at times.


Symptoms Include:
Redness | Swelling | Reduced sensation | Pain


Gangrene is a dangerous disorder in which body tissue dies due to a lack of blood supply. It can affect any region of the body, but the toes, feet, fingers, and hands are the most commonly affected. The earlier gangrene therapy begins, the more effective it will be (see symptoms section).


Symptoms Include:
Heartburn | Pain | Nausea | Vomiting


Gastritis occurs when the stomach lining becomes inflamed as a result of injury. It’s a frequent ailment with a variety of causes. Gastritis isn’t usually serious and recovers rapidly if treated, but if it isn’t, it can linger for years.

Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)

Symptoms Include:
Heartburn | Regurgitation | Choking | Coughing | Chest pain | Problem swallowing | Vomiting | Sore throat and hoarseness


When stomach acid runs back into the tube that connects your mouth and stomach, it’s called gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) (oesophagus). This backwash (acid reflux) might irritate your oesophageal lining. Acid reflux affects a large number of people at some point in their lives.


Symptoms Include:
Feeling full quickly | Nausea | Vomiting | Poor appetite


Gastroparesis is a long-term (chronic) disorder in which the stomach is unable to empty properly. Food moves more slowly through the stomach than usual. If you have symptoms of gastroparesis, see your doctor. This is because it has the potential to produce catastrophic consequences (see symptoms section).

Gender dysphoria

Symptoms Include:
Gender identity mismatch


Gender dysphoria is a condition in which a person’s biological sex and gender identity are incompatible, causing discomfort or anguish. Gender incongruence is another term for it. If you or your child has gender dysphoria, see a doctor.

Genital herpes

Symptoms Include:
Blistering | Ulceration | Discharge | Pain peeing


Genital herpes is a sexually transmitted disease (STI). The condition can be spread via vaginal, anal, and oral intercourse. Treatment at a sexual health clinic may be beneficial. Symptoms usually go away on their own, although they can reappear.

Genital warts

Symptoms Include:
Skin lesions


Small fleshy growths, lumps, or skin abnormalities that occur on or around the genital or anal area are known as genital warts.


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Penis problems

Gestational diabetes
(blood sugar control in pregnancy)

Symptoms Include:
Passing a lot of urine | Dehydration | Weight loss | Tiredness | Fatigue


Gestational diabetes is a type of elevated blood sugar that occurs during pregnancy and normally goes away once the baby is born. It can happen at any point throughout the pregnancy, but it is more common in the second half.


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Giant cell arteritis (temporal arteritis)

Symptoms Include:
Headache | Jaw pain | Reduced eyesight | Double vision


Giant cell arteritis (GCA), commonly known as temporal arteritis, is a condition in which arteries in the head and neck become inflamed. It’s a common artery and vein inflammatory condition. It mostly affects adults over the age of 50. If you have any symptoms, visit a doctor right once (see symptoms ).


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Gilbert’s syndrome

Symptoms Include:
Jaundice | Tiredness | Poor appetite | Nausea


Gilbert’s syndrome causes slightly elevated amounts of a chemical called bilirubin to accumulate in the blood. Bilirubin is a yellow chemical present in the blood that is produced spontaneously. When old red blood cells are broken down, it develops.


Symptoms Include:
Tender gums | Bleeding on probing


Gingivitis is a moderate form of gum disease (periodontal disease) that causes irritation, redness, and swelling (inflammation) of the gingiva, the area of your gum that surrounds your teeth. Gingivitis should be taken seriously and treated as soon as possible.


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Dental problems

Glandular fever

Symptoms Include:
Temperature | Sore throat | Tiredness | Swollen glands | Fatigue


Glandular fever is an infection caused by a virus. It can affect persons of all ages, although the majority of instances occur in teenagers and young adults aged 15 to 24.


Symptoms Include:
Reduced eyesight | Pain | Red eye | Headache


Glaucoma is an eye condition that, if not diagnosed and treated early enough, can result in vision loss or reduction. It usually occurs when there is a build-up of pressure inside the eye, causing damage to the optic nerve. If you have any worries about your vision, see an optician or a doctor.


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Red-eye | Uveitis


Symptoms Include:
Blood in urine | Frothy urine | Swollen ankles | Shortness of breath


Damage to the small filters inside your kidneys is known as glomerulonephritis (the glomeruli). Your immune system attacks healthy body tissue, which is the most common cause. If you find blood in your urine, see your doctor. Although this does not usually indicate glomerulonephritis, the reason should be looked into.

Glue ear

Symptoms Include:
Hearing loss | Pain | Discharge | Dizziness


Glue ear is a common paediatric condition in which the fluid in the middle ear fills up. This page discusses the symptoms, causes, and when to seek medical help for glue ear.


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Symptoms Include:
Pain | Redness | Swelling | Inflamed


Gout is an arthritic condition characterised by the formation of tiny crystals inside and around the joints. It causes significant pain and swelling to appear out of nowhere. Men over 30 and women after menopause are the most commonly affected. Men are more likely than women to develop gout.


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Joint pain | Arthritis

Growing pains (recurrent limb pain in children)

Symptoms Include:
Pain | Limb pain | Muscle pain | Cramps


Growing pains are aches and pains that arise in the evening or night, mainly in the lower legs. Children aged three to twelve years old may be affected. If your child’s symptoms are especially severe or indicate that they may have another problem, consult your doctor (see ‘when to see a doctor’).


Related Conditions:
Sprains and strains

Gum disease

Symptoms Include:
Redness | Swelling | Blood | Bad breath


Gum disease is a frequent disorder in which the gums swell, become irritated, or get infected. If your gums are sore, puffy, or bleed when you wash your teeth, you should see a dentist.


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Dental problems