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Population Groups

Population Groups

Adolescent Health see Teen Health

Ageing see Older Adult Health

Bisexual Health see LGBTQ+ Health

Black and African American Health

Gulf War Syndrome see Veterans and Military Health

Health Disparities

Health Equity see Health Disparities

Homosexuality see LGBTQ+ Health

Latino and Hispanic Health

Lesbian Health see LGBTQ+ Health

LGBTQ+ Health

Male Menopause see Men’s Health

Men’s Health

Menopause, Male see Men’s Health

Military Health see Veterans and Military Health

Older Adult Health

Paediatrics see Children’s Health

Teen Health

Transgender Health see LGBTQ+ Health

Veterans and Military Family Health

Veterans and Military Health

Veterans Health see Veterans and Military Health

Population Groups

Examining the health of various groups established based on shared demographic and personal traits is one technique to assess the health of population groups.