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Testing for Fibromyalgia

Testing for Fibromyalgia


If you think you have fibromyalgia and you have explored all conventional medical avenues with your doctor. Contact Pure Medical.

Fibromyalgia symptoms might differ and are comparable to those of a number of different diseases. You’ll be asked about your symptom’s impact on your daily life during the diagnosing process.

In order to rule out other disorders, your body may also be inspected for any obvious symptoms. For instance, swollen joints may point to arthritis rather than fibromyalgia.

Ruling out other conditions

Our doctors at Pure Medical will need to rule out all other disorders that could be causing your symptoms before determining whether you have fibromyalgia.

These ailments could consist of:

Urine and blood tests are used to look for some of these conditions, but you may also have X-rays and other imaging.

You might also be diagnosed with fibromyalgia if you have another illness.


For fibromyalgia to be diagnosed, a number of requirements often need to be satisfied.

The most frequently used diagnostic standards are:

  • Either you experience severe pain in three to six separate body parts, or you have more moderate pain in seven or more.
  • for at least three months, your symptoms have persisted at the same level.
  • There isn’t any other explanation for your symptoms,

Applying light pressure to specific “sensitive areas,” where any pain is likely to be at its worst, is used to help determine the severity of the pain. But lately, this is less typical.

Diagnosing other conditions

In addition to fibromyalgia, it is also possible to have additional conditions, such as:

You might require additional testing to determine other conditions if your symptoms point to the presence of fibromyalgia as well.

Your treatment will be more effective if all potential conditions are identified.

Pure Medical are the UK’s leading holistic Fibromyalgia Treatment UK Centre. Several successful studies have utilised our
treatment modalities to treat the symptoms and ease chronic fibromyalgia pain.

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