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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pure Medical?

In the UK, Pure Medical is the largest online therapy platform. By offering care that is both accessible and inexpensive, we alter how people think about their mental and physical health and assist them in overcoming obstacles in their lives. You can message a licenced therapist whenever you want, wherever, thanks to Pure Medical.

Who will help me?

Following your registration, we will match you with an available therapist who can help you reach your objectives, preferences, and the nature of the problems you are experiencing. Finding the correct therapist to help you get the best outcomes is vital because different therapists have different approaches and areas of expertise. However, if you begin the process and feel your therapist isn’t a good fit, you may choose to be matched to a different therapist.

Who are the Therapists?

The therapists on Pure Medical are licenced physiotherapists, practising psychologists, accredited counsellors, or other professionals with equivalent recognised credentials. After successfully completing the requisite education, exams, training, practice, and continuous supervision criteria, therapists must be qualified and accredited by their respective professional associations and have at least three years of experience in their speciality.

How are the therapists verified?

Every therapist added to our platform must pass our rigorous vetting procedure, comply with industry norms, and is in good standing with the relevant professional body. When applying, providers must submit proof of identification along with documentation of their credentials. Pure Medical verify the therapist’s credentials with the corresponding professional association.

Each prospective therapist must pass a case study test graded by a registered clinician and be assessed in a video interview in addition to having their credentials checked. Only around 15% of the therapists who apply to work with Pure Medical are accepted as a result of this stringent process. To make it simple for you to perform your own research on your therapist, we also display the complete licencing information for each professional.

Is Pure Medical the service for me?

If you want to enhance the quality of your life, Pure Medical is the best option for you. We might be able to assist you if something gets in the way of your happiness or keeps you from realising your objectives. Additionally, we have therapists who focus on particular problems, like pain, stress, anxiety, relationships, parenting, depression, addictions, eating, sleeping, trauma, rage, family conflicts, LGBT difficulties, bereavement, religion, self-esteem, and more.

If any of the following apply to you, Pure Medical is not the right choice:

  • You are a minor or are in the custody of a guardian.
  • You are dealing with an emergency or a critical circumstance.
  • You were ordered to receive counselling, perhaps by a judge or another authority.
  • It’s either impossible for you to connect to the Internet with a device or that your Internet connection is unreliable.

How much does Pure Medicals therapy service cost?

Based on your location, preferences, and the availability of the therapist, therapy through Pure Medical can cost anywhere between £40 and £120 per week (paid every four weeks). Anytime, for any reason, you can end your subscription.

Can Pure Medical a substitute for traditional face-to-face therapy?

The experts engaged by Pure Medical are therapists who hold valid licences and credentials and have been approved to practise treatment by the appropriate medical board. Although the service may offer similar advantages, it cannot always be a substitute for conventional face-to-face counselling. Please be aware that your provider will not be able to issue a formal diagnosis, carry out a court order, or write a prescription for medicine.

I registered. How long until I'm matched with a therapist?

Depending on the therapist’s schedule, this procedure may take a few hours or a few days. Don’t worry, your subscription period will begin once a therapist and you have been matched.

How does the therapist communicate with me?

Four options exist for receiving therapy:

  • Exchange encrypted mobile messages with your therapist
  • Chat live online with your therapist
  • Have a phone conversation with your therapist
  • Interacting with your therapist via video chat

Depending on your requirements, accessibility, and convenience, you are free to employ various means at various times, as you see fit.

How does messaging work?

You and your therapist will have a designated “chat” that serves as your private and secure communication space once you have been paired with a therapist. You will write about yourself, and the events in your life, pose questions and talk about your concerns in this space. After reading your messages, your therapist will provide you with advice, questions, and feedback.

Any Internet-connected device can be used to communicate with your therapist at any time, from anywhere. Since messaging is not real-time, the room is accessible round-the-clock and doesn’t require scheduling. Instead, you are free to contact your therapist whenever you choose. You will get a notification when your therapist has sent you a message.

How do live chat sessions work?

There may be occasions when you wish to text your therapist in real-time. In this way, you may still benefit from messaging’s ease while also taking advantage of a “live” conversation that enables your therapist to respond and provide feedback right away.

You must first set up a time with your therapist in order to participate in a live chat session. Log into your account at the appointed time to begin messaging and typing with your therapist.

How do live telephone sessions work?

No matter where you are, phone sessions are a great method to communicate with your therapist in a convenient manner.

You must plan a time with your therapist and log into your therapy room at that time in order to speak with them on the phone. The system will ask you for your phone number before the therapist prompts you to begin the phone session. The phone session will then begin after the system calls you at that number and connects you with your therapist. Please be aware that the therapist will not be given your phone number.

How do live video sessions work?

Additionally, you can communicate with your therapist via video chat so that you can see and speak to each other in a virtually in-person situation (similar to Skype).

You must set a time with your therapist and check in to your therapy room at that time in order to speak with your therapist via video. The video session will then be initiated by your therapist. You will start video chatting with your therapist as soon as you confirm.

Can I go back and read the therapist's previous messages?

Yes. You may always log into your account to read all of the communications that your therapist has sent to you. This might aid in your ability to reflect and recall some of the advice and input you have received. This is one of the main advantages of e-therapy.

How long can I use Pure Medical's services for?

This is based on your needs and varies greatly from person to person. Others prefer to remain with the programme for a longer amount of time, while some feel they gain the most of the benefits after just a few weeks. You have complete control over this.

Is Pure Medical web accessible for disabled users?

We make every effort to deliver web content that adheres to the most recent Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) at the AA level, as published by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

By going to the Accessibility page while using a desktop browser, you can enable and start the accessibility preferences.

We advise mobile users to make advantage of the built-in accessibility capabilities on their devices. You may find instructions for Android here and for iPhone here.

How will I pay for my Pure Medical membership?

Your regular membership fees will be deducted from your credit card or PayPal account. You can easily cancel your subscription if you reach your objectives or decide that counselling with Pure Medical is no longer beneficial for whatever reason.

Can my insurance pay for this?

No claims are submitted to health insurers by Pure Medical or the Therapists using the Pure Medical Platform. Most services provided through this website are not typically covered by health insurance.

Traditional treatment and therapy services vary in terms of coverage and benefits from health insurance provider to health insurance provider and plan to plan, but generally speaking the following guidelines apply:

  • Many health insurance policies have partial or severely constrained coverage options.
  • Even if your insurance covers all of your expenses, the policy excess that you would be forced to pay may be more than Pure Medical’s full cost.
  • In many circumstances, your therapist would have to diagnose you with a mental disorder or issue before you could get compensated by your insurance company. This diagnosis would be entered into your medical record and forwarded to the insurance provider. In some circumstances, the therapist would additionally be required to give the insurance provider other clinical information, such as treatment plans, summaries, or copies of the entire record.

Please be aware that Pure Medical has very reasonable pricing options that are frequently on pace with the excesses of the majority of insurance policies.

What is the role of Pure Medical?

Independent service providers who collaborate with you directly deliver the product. These service providers are not Pure Medical employees, and the website does not have any formal control over them. Our goal is to create, manage, and support a platform that enables successful communication between patients and therapists and to open up this channel so that all parties can benefit from their engagement.

How can I be sure that this is an effective form of therapy?

Numerous studies support the usefulness of the internet as a tool for changing one’s life.

Our trust in the platform is largely based on the comments and recommendations we get from users. We are thrilled to hear from more people each day about how this service has helped them drastically alter their lives.

How is my privacy and security protected?

Your privacy and confidentiality are important to us. Modern operations, infrastructure, and technology have all been developed by us with the intention of preserving your privacy and safeguarding the data you supply. Your understanding of how your privacy and confidentially are handled is vital to us; for more details, check our Privacy Policy. However, the following information might be useful for you to understand:

  • Your therapist will keep everything you say confidential.
  • Nothing needs to be communicated, reported, or filed with insurance companies because we don’t collaborate or work with any of them.
  • Whenever you want to remove a message you’ve sent to your therapist, just click the “Remove Message” button.
  • Banking-grade 256-bit encryption is used to safeguard and encrypt each message sent between you and your therapist.
  • For the best security and protection, our servers are spread across several Tier 4 AWS Data Centers.
  • Our Platform is 2-year (r2) HITRUST Risk-based Certified.
  • Our browser’s SSL encryption technology adheres to current best standards.
  • We have scrambled and encrypted our databases.

Please advise your therapist if you do not want any of your data or records to be disclosed to a third party. Before your information may be disclosed, your therapist will email you an authorisation form that you must fill out and sign.

Can I stay anonymous?

We don’t ask for your complete name or any other personal information when you sign up. You are free to choose any “nickname” that will serve as your system identifier. When you choose to begin therapy, we will ask you for your contact information in case of an emergency. This is stored securely in the system and can be utilised if your therapist thinks you or another person could be at risk.

As needed by the rules set forth by their licencing board, your therapist may ask for more detailed information about you. Our secure system, patient data protection regulations, and rigorous confidentiality are used to maintain the security of this information.

How can I get started with Pure Medical?

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I'm a qualified therapist. How can I provide my services to Pure Medical?

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