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Pure Provide Better Therapy For Your Organisation

Pure Provide
Better Therapy
For Your

Discover the UK’s best comprehensive therapy programme for your organisation

The right therapy for your Organisation

Pure Medical - Organisational Therapy - Company Therapy

Therapy for Companies
In order to better manage their personal challenges and maintain a healthy work/life balance, your employees will be given the skills from our “Therapy as a Benefit” programme. This will assist you in combating the hidden productivity killer in your workplace.

Pure Medical - Organisational Therapy - EAPs and SAPs

Imagine being able to give same-day therapy access, wherever they may be, through the largest provider network in the United Kingdom. Also, imagine saving money with this facility. By selecting the “Get Started Now” button, you can access Pure Medical’s groundbreaking services.

Pure Medical - Organisational Therapy - Therapy for University Students

Therapy for Universities
By providing therapy to your students, you can focus your campus-based resources on the more serious cases while giving them a convenient, in-your-palm way to contact a certified therapist. Anytime. Anywhere.

Pure Medical - Organisational Therapy - Therapy for Non-profit

Therapy for non-profits
The issue with being strong occasionally is that nobody approaches you to inquire about how you are doing. Show your mission-driven, committed members that their well-being is just as essential by offering therapy to them.

Pure Medical - Organisational Therapy - Therapy for Brokers & Consultants

Therapy for Brokers and Consultants
You’ve always treated your clients well. You fought hard to earn their friendship and trust. They depend on you to guide them in the proper direction because you are an insider who also understands what is available. Show them the way to Pure therapy.

Pure Medical - Organisational Therapy - Community Therapy

You take care of your own first, whether there is a natural disaster, pandemic, epidemic, flooding, or storm; whether we’re distributing tens of thousands of hot meals around the city or helping train passengers that have witnessed an incident or accident, we’ll be right there with you.
Thousands of members and hundreds
of Organisations entrust Pure
Here are a few of the reasons why
Why Members Entrust Us
  • Most complete organisational therapy & health support
  • A licenced therapist is intelligently matched with the client’s preferences and requirements.
  • Wherever they are, they can access the assistance they require when they require it.
  • Easy access to the benefit encourages greater engagement
  • Constant communication with their therapist
  • Live weekly therapy sessions with their therapist through chat, phone, or video.
  • Thirty-plus interactive group meetings led by a therapist
  • A journal, goal monitoring, and interactive worksheets are examples of digital tools available.
  • Feeling valued and supported in their place of employment
  • Strive for a work-life balance and make your home a fun place to be.

Virtual Online Therapy Consultation

Why Organisation Entrust Us
  • The best possible therapy and health care for your members
  • No setup expenses or integration requirements
  • Roll out within a week
  • Simple dashboard for membership management
  • Landing page with a co-branding to welcome new members
  • Dedicated support staff and success manager
  • Monthly use reporting without any PII
  • Select the appropriate coverage for your business (annual vs. shorter term)
  • Two basic pricing schemes (flat rate to cover all or pay-per-usage)
  • Employees who are happier, healthier, and more productive
How our Organisational Therapy Works

Four ways to communicate
Pick the best option for you each time! The all-in-one platform from Pure gives you unlimited therapist communications along with the option of chat, phone, or video for your weekly live sessions.

Dynamic member administration
You need a programme that keeps up with your organisational culture. This is simple with Pure; to mention a few advantages, you may add/remove members as necessary, have complete control over plan choices, and have complete visibility into use rates.

Prompt implementation
Since we prefer to keep things straightforward and business-friendly, utilising our services requires no integration at all! Within a week, we can have your business up and operating.

Group therapy sessions
Participate in one or more of our 30+ topical, interactive group therapy sessions each week. Our sessions are open to all of our members and kept up to date with current events. They are facilitated by a therapist who is a specialist in that issue or field.

Robust reporting
It’s not necessary to keep you in the dark about what your members are doing on Pure in order to respect their right to confidentiality. Access to aggregated level statistics is available 24/7/365 for monitoring utilisation rates.

UK’s leading provider network
Our wide and clinically adaptable provider network of more than 5,000 certified therapists enabling us to match your members based on their choices and requirements, ensuring that they receive the treatment they require and deserve.
Matching your members with the ideal therapist for them
Our diverse and clinically adaptable provider network of more than 5,000 certified therapists enables us to match your members based on their choices and requirements, ensuring that they receive the treatment they require and deserve.

Our Therapists