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We understand that trust must be earned, therefore we’re delighted to tell you more about how Pure Medical develops content with approved products and services.
It’s simple to find health and wellness information. It’s all over the place. Finding reliable, relevant, and useable information, on the other hand, can be difficult and even overwhelming. All of that is about to change thanks to Pure Medical. We make high-quality, evidence-based health information intelligible and accessible so you can make the best choices for yourself and others you care about.


We’re also dedicated to producing experiences that encourage you to take steps toward living your healthiest, most powerful life. Our health and wellness editors will occasionally include links to relevant products that they believe will be valuable to our readers as part of the article production process.
We are trustworthy leaders.

We only provide product links when we see a need or believe it would benefit you, our readers. We take special effort to recognise the difference between products, services, and tools that deliver real, concrete value vs those that don’t as health and wellness become increasingly commodified.

Product reviews, roundups, and stories featuring shopping links, like all of our content, are editorially independent, and we keep a healthy separation between our editorial and business teams throughout the content development process. We also have a strict advertising policy in place to ensure that our content is never influenced by our advertisers or business partners.

How do we choose products?

Whether it’s a fantastic CBD oil for sleep, the best running shoes for flat feet, or even critical gear for new parents, our editorial team spends hours researching data and pouring through reader input to understand what our readers are looking for. Then we go to work researching and validating products and brands against our own set of criteria for quality, accessibility, affordability, and availability in order to make suggestions for what we believe are good buys. We strive to generate content that is balanced and impartial, clearly stating the benefits and drawbacks of the goods we feature, as well as providing accurate pricing information.

We consider such recommendations for affiliate connections with future or existing commercial partners when our content is published. If you make a purchase at a retailer’s website after clicking one of our links, Pure Medical may receive a tiny percentage of the sale. This money supports our independent editing process and allows us to carry on our objective of making the world a better place. There are no commissions paid to our editorial team or contributors from our medical network for these purchases.

When we do form a direct business relationship with a brand or retailer, our Medical Affairs team verifies those relationships to ensure that Pure Medical only works with companies that conduct due diligence and are open with their customers about objective measures of product safety, quality, and efficacy.

Simply put, we handle the effort for you, supported by a team of professionals. So that you can be confident in the health and well-being decisions you make.