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Pure Medical’s Editorial Process

How we deliver information that is reliable, accessible, and accurate

Pure Medical is dedicated to providing you with reliable, accessible, and accurate information so you can take care of your health and wellness. To make sure we’re delivering you the finest information possible, we follow a well-established Editorial Process.


The team at Pure Medical created our Editorial Process. It serves as the foundation for everything we do. But what exactly is this procedure? How do we make sure that everything we publish complies with our guidelines?


Every piece of content is created and edited by our team using the four pillars of our editorial process. These pillars ensure that you can always get the timely, evidence-based information you need: (A) earning and sustaining trust; (B) maintaining high journalistic standards; (C) prioritising accuracy, empathy, and inclusiveness; and (D) continuous monitoring and updating of content.

A. Earning and sustaining trust

Although health information is widely available, it might be perplexing, overwhelming, inaccurate, irrelevant, or incomprehensible. That’s something we’re here to change.

We deliver content that is dependable, accurate, evidence-based, clear, understandable, accessible, compassionate, and actionable.

We address comprehensive well-being throughout our material and assist you in making the vital connection between health and lifestyle. It’s referred to as “whole-person health.” To that end, we cover a wide range of topics and opinions in an open and neutral manner.

We recognise that everyone’s journey is unique, so we advocate for inclusivity and understanding. We’re here for anyone who wants to improve their health without being judged.

B. Maintaining high journalistic standards

Because you’ve come to Pure Medical seeking reliable health information, it’s our obligation to uphold strong journalistic standards. Our news and educational content are impartial, balanced, timely, actionable, research-based, truthful, and thorough. Individual opinions are presented in our feature content with empathy, candour, and respect.

Here’s how we make sure we’re meeting these requirements:

  • We handpick contributors and train them on a regular basis. Expert writers and contributors are hand-picked by our in-house editing team. We look for subject matter expertise and relevant life experience in our content authors. We provide regular feedback and continuous mentoring, as well as training on research and sourcing best practices.
  • Medical specialists review our health information for medical accuracy. Pure Medical’s Medical Network is made up of healthcare professionals with diverse and substantial experience in their specialities from research institutions, professional organisations, and private practice. Our medical reviewers offer a unique viewpoint to the table thanks to their expertise in clinical practice, research, and patient advocacy, in addition to their knowledge of a wide range of medical specialisations.
  • All of the brands we work with and feature in our content have been thoroughly vetted. Our Brand and Content Integrity team investigates partner businesses’ business operations and assesses their medical and health claims against the available scientific data.
  • Medical editors create the material for consumer drug information. A team of expert medical editors collaborates with PharmD (Doctor of Pharmacy) authors and Medical Reviewers to generate our consumer medication information content. These professionals are dedicated to answering your enquiries and are skilled at clearly presenting complex pharmaceutical facts.
  • Our news team is always on the lookout for new information. Our news content is written by expert fact-checkers and reviewed by experienced writers. Every day, the News team delves into the most recent medical research to keep you informed about what’s going on in the world of health.
  • To ensure that all content meets our high standards, it is triple-checked. Before each piece of material is published, our in-house Copy Edit staff double- and triple-checks it to ensure it satisfies our strict editorial standards of clarity, accuracy, quality sourcing, and inclusive and empathic language.

C. Prioritising accuracy, empathy, and inclusiveness;

We strive to make sure that everything we publish is understandable and accessible to our audience. As a result, we use our own style guide, which is based on the Associated Press Stylebook. This guarantees that our writers and editors prioritise readability, clarity, empathy, inclusivity, real-world application, high-quality sourcing, and precise citations.

You’ll note that our tone is kind and approachable while being brave and forward-thinking. We use thoughtful, polite language that fosters diversity and compassion, in addition to being approachable and transparent. We utilise empathic language to communicate nonjudgmental stories, and we make conscious decisions to avoid stigma, stereotypes, and bias.

Conscious language is a continuous endeavour at Pure Medical. We work with community advocates on a regular basis and study linguistic trends in health communities. We carefully chose our words in order to dispel stereotypes and empower our readers.

We evolve in lockstep with language. We also recognise that everyone’s health is different, so we respect people’s word choices when expressing their own stories. Finally, we can’t be true allies until we prioritise you in everything we do. This viewpoint is reflected in the language we employ.

D. Continuous monitoring and updating of content

The state of health information is always evolving. New research is published, old theories are debunked, and language is outdated.

We constantly check and update our content at Pure Medical to ensure that we’re providing the most up-to-date and accurate information available. We have entire teams of editors and experts dedicated to finding and fixing erroneous or unclear material in order to make this a reality.

Changes in standards of care, new clinical guidelines, medication approvals or recalls, and key practice suggestions are all monitored by our Medical Integrity team. These insights are shared with our editors and partners so that content can be updated to reflect the most up-to-date, accurate, and relevant information.

  • When a piece of material is first written and published on our site, it is given an “authored on” date.
  • A fresh “medical review” date is assigned to each item of content that is reviewed by an expert member of our Medical Network.
  • A fresh “fact-checked” date is added to each item of material that is confirmed by one of our experienced fact-checkers.
  • When a piece of content is updated, a new “updated on” date is assigned to it. Corrections of minor inaccuracies, the addition of new information, replacement of images and sources, and any other alteration designed to improve the value of the content for you, the reader, are examples of adjustments.

As a result of numerous ongoing processes, we update and re-review our content:

  • Audits are conducted on a regular basis. We conduct content audits on a regular basis to keep up with changes in language and medical terminology, as well as trends in the health community.
  • Brand vetting is done once a year. On an annual basis, we re-evaluate vetted brands and update any text that refers to them to reflect any changes in the brand’s performance against our vetting standards.
  • Every day, there are new developments. Our news team keeps track of developments in stories and offers immediate updates on the day’s most relevant health news.
  • Immediate action as a result of the feedback. We welcome reader input on our material and respond quickly to any potential problems. We take fast action when a reader tells us of a potential issue with our content, such as erroneous, outdated, unclear, or contradicting information. Our editorial and medical teams analyse the feedback, make any necessary modifications, and republish the revised article.

Our Editorial Process, Designed for You

You are our first priority at Pure Medical. We want to be a partner in your health and fitness journey. Our Editorial Process ensures that you get the most up-to-date, relevant, and accessible information available.

We’re always striving to improve, so please let us know if there’s anything we can do better. You can easily contact us if you have any concerns or complaints about the quality or usability of our information, or if you believe an item is out of date, by visiting this page.