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9 Health Conditions
with Migraines

9 Health Conditions
Associated with Migraines


9 Health Conditions Associated with Migraines

Research hasn’t shown that migraines can cause any other medical conditions. But they are linked to a number of ailments.

If you have an aura, which are symptoms that occur before your migraine, the link may be stronger. Flashes of light, blind areas, or tingling in your hands or face are all possible symptoms.

What illnesses are linked to migraines? Are you more likely to have medical issues if you suffer from severe headaches?


There’s minimal evidence that a migraine will cause a stroke or that both events would occur simultaneously. Even so, some migraine sufferers have an increased risk of stroke, such as:

  • Those with an aura
  • Women
  • Under 45-year-olds

After the age of 50, your chances of suffering a stroke from a migraine decrease dramatically.

Heart Disease

Men who suffer from migraines are more likely to get a heart attack or develop heart disease. Women who suffer from migraines are more likely to develop heart disease, especially if they have an aura.

The frequency of your migraines does not appear to affect your risk of developing these illnesses.

High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure and migraines have yet to be proven in scientific studies. Hypertension has been linked to an increased frequency of such headaches.


You’re at least twice as likely to get them if you get migraines. It’s possible that the two are linked genetically. Seizures may share the same genetic aetiology as migraines with aura, according to researchers. More research is required.

Hearing Problems

Migraines increase your chances of experiencing unexpected hearing loss. This is a sudden, unexplainable loss of hearing that lasts a few days. It’s incredibly uncommon. People who suffer from severe headaches, on the other hand, are twice as likely to experience acute hearing loss as those who do not suffer from migraines.


Chronic pain, fatigue, and other symptoms are common symptoms of this illness. Fibromyalgia patients frequently have migraines. Even so, there’s no proof that having migraines increases your chances of getting one.

Depression and Anxiety

Migraines are common among anxious persons. You’re more likely to get depression if you have both. According to some studies, aura makes anxiety and depression more prevalent. However, more research is required.


You may be more susceptible to developing post-traumatic stress disorder if you suffer from migraines (PTSD). According to one study, having migraines increases your chances of developing PTSD by 5 times.

Pre-Term Birth

Some limited studies suggest that migraine sufferers who become pregnant are more likely to experience issues such as low birth weight, pre-term birth, and preeclampsia. These concerns are still being researched by scientists.

In general, symptoms can intensify during pregnancy, necessitating a different treatment approach, which is why doctors recommend that anybody suffering from migraine consult with a headache expert before becoming pregnant.