Employee Wellbeing

Employee Wellbeing

Creating happier, healthier workplaces
Our wide variety of flexible and progressive employee wellbeing services is built around clinical excellence. We provide four different types of services, as well as mental health and musculoskeletal therapies.
Creating happier, healthier workplaces
Our wide variety of flexible and progressive employee wellbeing services is built around clinical excellence. We provide four different types of services, as well as mental health and musculoskeletal therapies.

Workplace Intelligence

Pure Medical are a leading provider of occupational health and Employee Wellbeing services throughout the United Kingdom. By managing health, we help employers and their employees perform at their best.

Companies are well placed to assist people with their mental health. Pure Medical has a strong clinical governance foundation, which means that what we put in place, benefits the employee.

We want to encourage individuals to speak up about mental health because there is still a stigma around it in the UK, therefore it’s critical that we at Pure Medical are responsive and passionate about the problem. We provide 24/7 help for minor and major concerns, as well as critical incident support in the event of traumatic events, guaranteeing that Pure Medical is there for any difficulty that an employee may face.

Every decision we make revolves around the patient. We work with a company to learn about their culture and requirements. Dealing with a production line employee differs greatly from working with an office worker, therefore personalising the solution is critical for both the company and the individual. One size does not fit all when it comes to musculoskeletal, mental health, and a variety of other difficulties.

We want the employee to feel like we’ve provided the greatest service possible, but we also want the employer to feel like they’ve invested in a service that will provide them with a comprehensive answer.

Strategy & Advisory

Employee Health Services

Strategy & Advisory

Employee Wellbeing services have never been more complicated, therefore we make every effort to make them as simple as possible for our clients. We bring in top experts in their fields to help with consulting and management advising projects, as well as one-time assistance. With profound strategic and medical insights, we assist managers in making decisions, aided, where necessary, by professional audit tools and health analysts. We provide the most appropriate, practical, and cost-effective solutions, such as:

  • Employers’ comprehensive health strategies to guarantee that resources are correctly focused and offer the best return on investment
  • Reviews of service areas to guarantee adoption of the best and most up-to-date practices,
  • Board-level advice addressing any potential health issues or risks,
  • Expert advice addressing an individual health problem, and
  • Health & Safety policy and audits advice.

High Performance

Our one-of-a-kind consulting model is based on intelligence. It enables businesses to boost productivity by better understanding, measuring, and boosting employee well-being.

Risk & Compliance

Blue Light Employee Wellbeing

Risk & Compliance

Detect, report, and provide advice on workplace health compliance. Comply with statutory legislation, mitigate risk, make sound risk management decisions, and retain key skills in your workforce.

Health Surveillance

Detect, report, and provide advice on workplace health compliance. With our programme of regular medical exams, you can stay legally compliant, avoid dangers, and keep critical skills in your team.


Both managers and new employees will find our pre-placement examinations to be quick and simple to utilise. Where necessary, phone or face-to-face consultations with clinical teams are conducted.

Fitness for work

For companies that wish to ensure that their employees are fit enough to do the job, they’ve been hired to do. We provide a wide range of services in this region, including:
• Driver
• Travel
• Drug & Alcohol
• Medication Enquiry Line
• Personal Track Safety (PTS)


We design, direct, and manage immunisation programmes for businesses so that they can:
• Safeguard their employees and customers
• Adhere to regulations and best practices
• Limit the risk of litigation.


Experienced, clinical support to assist businesses in navigating the intricacies of pensions and early retirement due to illness. Some of the most experienced pension advice physicians in the UK are among our Occupational Health Physicians.

Performance & Attendance

Rail Employee Wellbeing

Performance & Attendance

Attendance and productivity management have never been more crucial. Because the UK is experiencing a period of relatively full employment and recruiting is difficult, businesses are taking a more proactive approach to maintain their employees’ health. They want to assist employees in being productive and performing to their full potential.

There is no single answer that can help both managers and employees resolve all health challenges. We offer guidance to managers to help them enhance their performance and make better decisions. Pure Medical delivers a wide range of specialised services, as well as the appropriate assistance at the appropriate time and actions to achieve the desired outcomes.

Attendance and productivity management

This includes everything from the first day of absence tracking through our one-of-a-kind Specialist Case Management Services. From manager referrals to training and specialist evaluations, we’ve got you covered. We have the range and quality of services to assist in the intelligent, fair, and timely resolution of difficulties.

Detect, report, and provide advice on workplace health compliance. With our programme of regular medical exams, you can stay compliant with the law, avoid dangers, and keep critical skills in your team.

We provide excellent Health Surveillance while causing the least amount of inconvenience to your business.

We assist businesses in identifying and monitoring health-related concerns among their employees. We also supply information that allows them to take corrective action if necessary. They will be able to be certain that their health risk management systems are functioning properly.

All work-related dangers are covered by our health surveillance assessments. They can be tailored to your needs – at your site, our sites, or through our fleet of Mobile Screening Units – and are coordinated by clinical and logistic professionals.

Our managed automatic recall process ensures that your personnel are re-evaluated at all necessary periods.

We also go above and beyond the legal obligations by providing additional Management Information, reports, and health education.

Engagement & Wellbeing

Warehouse Employee Wellbeing

Engagement & Wellbeing

It’s never been more necessary or difficult to keep people engaged and improve their well-being. Every company and employee is different, and so is our approach.

Regardless of an organization’s strategy or goals, whether it’s lowering health risks, increasing energy and performance, managing an age-diverse workforce, or increasing employee engagement. With the most advanced solutions on the market, we can assist them in achieving these goals successfully and efficiently. With our complete selection of training courses, including building resilience and creating successful cultures, we assist organisations and managers.

Digital platform

We collaborate with businesses to develop sophisticated and customised health and wellness platforms. These digital hubs are places of empowerment and inspiration. They’re constructed using cutting-edge technology and may be accessed from a desktop or mobile device, at work or at home.

Health assessments

We provide the most up-to-date medical knowledge and tests, as well as in-depth health insights and individualised health management programmes. Specially trained health coaches deliver on-site or remotely, with the possibility of continued telehealth coaching, on-site health kiosks, and executive health screens.

Onsite activity

We organise on-site activities to educate, teach, and assist employees on various health and wellness subjects. Workshops, training, and drop-in sessions are also available, each tailored to the requirements and priorities of a certain organisation.

Mental Health Services

Office Employee Wellbeing

Mental Health Services

Pure Medical has extensive experience and knowledge in offering specialised mental health solutions for the workplace. From proactive resilience building to 24/7 help for mild to moderate concerns or critical incident support in the aftermath of traumatic occurrences, we’ve got you covered. We provide an unusually broad range of programmes and interventions, which are available on-site, off-site, or via cutting-edge digital technology.

Musculoskeletal Services

Musculoskeletal Services

Musculoskeletal Services

One of the most pressing challenges in the workplace is musculoskeletal health. We assist organisations in reducing risk, successfully managing issues that emerge, and complying with regulatory requirements. From specialised work-station assessments to on-site physiotherapists, remote issue management to functional capacity assessments, rehabilitation programmes to job-related fitness testing, our modern services cover it all.