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How we Review brands and products

We periodically work with brands and recommend goods in our content to help you take the best care of your health and well-being. Our team meticulously vets any product or brand we deal with for medical legitimacy, ethical business methods, and social effect.


To maintain brand integrity and product safety, products chosen by our editorial teams go through a similar process. Finally, our vetting procedure assures that you’ll only see product and company suggestions that we believe in.
Why does Pure Medical place such a high value on vetting?

We believe we owe it to our community to give sound suggestions that have been reviewed and authorised by our medical staff.

These high standards have a good influence on you and your health, but they also set a benchmark for the rest of the business.

Our vetting process

Answers to the following questions (but not limited to) form the basis of our scoring system:

  • Is the existing amount of scientific data sufficient to support the health or medical claims made?
  • Is the company following industry best practices? Are they setting the standard for business procedures in the industry?
  • Is there any independent verification of industry practices?
  • Has the MHRA (The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) sent a warning letter to the company?
  • Are there any existing or recent class-action lawsuits or settlements involving class-action, fair employment practises, and/or marketing tactics?
  • Is there anything in a product that could cause a reaction, allergies, or other negative responses if consumed?
  • What are the product’s ingredients and composition? Is there a risk of harm from the ingredients and/or composition?

We also take into account the social impact of the businesses we work with. This is a deliberate effort to promote businesses that are open about their diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts.

All Pure Medical-partnered brands are reevaluated on a regular basis to guarantee they continue to satisfy our high standards. We will remove a product or brand from our site if it is re-evaluated and no longer satisfies our criteria.

And if we do post something that hasn’t gone through our vetting process, we’ll explain why so you can make an educated decision.

In other words, we perform the legwork for you, backed by a team of medical professionals. So that you can be confident in the health and well-being decisions you make.

Learn more about Pure Medical’s content integrity approach, including our high requirements for medical accuracy and editorial quality, by clicking here.