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Pure Medical
Unveils Plans For Multimillion Pound Expansion
Funded by Public

Launched in November, Equity for Health gives people the opportunity to buy equity in the fast-growing Stem Cell Immunotherapies & Healthcare business for as little as £50.30

Pure Medical, the UK’s leading independent Stem Cell Immunotherapies and healthcare company have today unveiled plans to build the world’s first people-funded medical facility next year, as well as opening five new regional clinics across the UK. Planning permission for a new £7million low carbon clinic in Milton Keynes, England has already been submitted, following an investment of almost £2million from patients and the public across the world through the company’s ground-breaking Equity for Health online share offer.
  • Launched in November, Equity for Health gives patients and the public the opportunity to buy equity in the fast-growing healthcare business for as little as £50.30
  • In its first month, Equity for health raised just over £1m from investors
    With the campaign running until the end of the year, the growth of Pure Medical in 2021 will be beyond the company’s original high expectations
  • The new Pure Medical Clinic will house state-of-the-art medical treatment equipment and will create 45 new jobs immediately, rising to 1000 in the next three years
  • The site for the new clinic will be at Knowlhill, Central Milton Keynes
  • People looking to invest in Pure Medical can buy shares directly online at until December 30, 2021
Gary McCauley, co-founder of Pure Medical commented:
“Pure Medical is growing rapidly by over 500 per cent in 2021, and through the investment of Pure Medical public and patients throughout the world in Equity for Health we are planning on exceeding that growth in 2021. The new facility will give us ten times the clinical capacity, allowing us to meet the demand that is growing all the time. In addition to this, we have plans in place to open at least 5 new clinics over the next 12 months. The deal will include the creation of about 1,000 jobs.”
“Through their investment in Pure Medical, people are helping to shake the dust from the UK healthcare industry and spark a health and wellbeing revolution. People are not only turning their backs on NHS waiting lists, but they are also helping to cure diseases and conditions.”
Gary McCauley continued:
“We have also bought a large parcel of land in Dorset to site our new spa retreat, which will allow for further expansion in the future – all made possible by Equity for Health. It’s an entirely new business model, but we are proving that by turning to our customers, rather than the banks or financial markets, that the future can be healthier.”
“We are still receiving investment from patients as far afield as New Zealand and South-East Asia, as well as all over the UK, so there will be more than 8,000 people behind our expansion in 2021 – all of whom will literally get richer through the development of healthcare. We think that’s pretty cool.”

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