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Equity For Health Ethical Investment

Equity for Health is the alternative ethical, socially responsible investment

At the beginning of November, we launched Equity for Health – our first-ever equity raise for our UK business, with every penny, invested dedicated to innovative sustainability healthcare projects and initiatives. The response has been unprecedented. Within the first week, we raised over £300,000.


The outpouring of support for our sustainability projects has been remarkable, demonstrating that by working together, we can accomplish incredible things and change the course of history when it comes to climate change. More than 5,900 people have contributed to Equity for Health so far.

Pure Medical Forest

Equity for Health outlines our ambitious goal of being the world’s most ecologically friendly healthcare company, establishing a new standard for how to construct sustainable business practices. We aim to fund £7.5 million for projects such as direct wind power for our clinic, solar energy, and the expansion of the Pure Oxygen Forest, a 1000-acre grazing pasture in Dorset’s South West Peninsula.


The Pure Medical Forest, an 800-acre expanse of broadleaf native forests, will be established on this site. Woodland creation provides biodiversity, natural flood attenuation, and rural economic growth in addition to sequestering carbon.


Over the next few years, we plan to plant over a million trees. Along with restoring peatland which is highly effective for CO2 sequestration and we are dedicating 300 acres to peatland restoration too.

Equity For Health Ethical Investment

Equity For Health Ethical Investment 2

Download the prospectus to learn more about our goals and the rewards of investing – including discounts and special treatments.
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