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Infrared Sauna
for Weight Loss

Infrared Sauna for Weight Loss

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Your quality of life depends on maintaining a healthy weight, however, it can be quite difficult. The secret to success is altering your behaviour. With our saunas, you can establish a pleasurable routine that will benefit your efforts in several ways. In one enjoyable session, you receive all the advantages of both infrared light treatment and the sauna. For the assistance of sauna weight loss, it’s a simple lifestyle and behaviour adjustment you’ll truly want to keep with.

Does An Infrared Sauna Burn Calories?

Clinical studies have demonstrated the efficacy of infrared sauna heat therapy in the treatment of sciatica pain. Heat treatment has been used for a long time in medicine to relax muscles, widen blood vessels to promote blood flow, and has advantageous effects on your nervous system. Your body will start to circulate blood more effectively and your tense muscles may start to relax after just a few minutes in an infrared sauna from Pure Medical’s Infrared Saunas.

Your brain will receive more oxygen thanks to improved blood circulation, which will make you feel renewed and refreshed both physically and mentally. Because infrared heat is absorbed 1-2 inches below the epidermis, it may also be beneficial. The infrared rays from Pure Medical saunas will promote tissue regeneration because they have been proved to penetrate deeper than other techniques, all while relaxing and calming frayed nerves.


Scientifically proven Infrared Saunas For Weight Loss

The most recent study demonstrates that behaviour change strategies are now essential to weight loss regimens. Infrared saunas from Pure Medicals are relaxing treatments that warm your body from the inside rather than by heating the air. Compared to regular saunas, which are hotter and more oppressive (between 43 and 54 degrees), infrared saunas are more beneficial to the body’s health (82-99 degrees). Built-in chromotherapy lights produce tranquilly and beauty that balances the body.

While infrared light therapy works at the cellular level to eliminate toxins, boost circulation, ignite metabolism, burn calories, and assist in reducing waist size, you can listen to music or watch your favourite movie.

The benefits of using Infrared Sauna for Weight Loss

1, Weight Loss

We can live longer, healthier lives if we maintain good body composition and waist size. Waist circumference is a crucial factor for determining the risk of premature death, according to a Mayo Clinic pooled analysis. A sauna can assist in achieving health goals when used as a part of a larger programme that includes nutrition, behaviour modification, and exercise. Waist circumference decreased in a study of diabetes individuals who participated in three 20-minute sauna sessions per week for three months, indicating the potential health benefits of frequent sauna use.

2, Cardiovascular benefits

A 2019 study examined the cardiovascular effects of participants using an exercise bike and an infrared sauna. The heart rate spike resembled a brief, moderate workout. Scientists said, “A sauna session is a physical strain. Its long-term positive effects are comparable to participating in sports.” Instead of concentrating on weight loss or muscular growth, the advantages to the heart and cardiovascular system were highlighted. It’s referred to as a “passive cardio workout.”

3, Increase Beta-Endorphins and Relieve Pain

Since infrared saunas release endorphins, your body’s natural opioid-like painkillers, they have been proved to be helpful for people with severe pain. Our full-spectrum infrared saunas target muscles and joints and use the MID wavelength to reduce pain and inflammation.

4, Reduced Swelling
White blood cell production is stimulated by infrared saunas by increasing the flow of oxygen-rich blood via the cardiovascular system, which lessens chronic pain and inflammation. The increased blood flow also affects how painful something is. Your body’s normal reaction to pain is triggered, going into overdrive. This not only aids in lessening discomfort but also quickens the healing process. For these reasons, if your back discomfort is the consequence of an injury or surgery, our infrared sauna can provide you with the relief you require.
5, Improve Mood and Reduce Depression

An infrared sauna might provide significant help for those who struggle with depression.

It has been shown through numerous research that they produce euphoric effects. Your brain produces and releases extra happy chemicals to counteract the mild physical stress that saunas generate.

And it appears that these changes are only temporary.

Therefore, you will consistently feel happy if you use an infrared sauna on a regular basis.

One study found that participants’ symptoms decreased by 50% after just one infrared sauna session.

A single session produced an unusually immediate and powerful antidepressant impact that persisted for up to six weeks, according to a subsequent investigation.

The study’s findings support the idea that whole-body hyperthermia has the potential to be a fast-acting, safe antidepressant with long-lasting therapeutic benefits.

Other researchers have examined how infrared sauna therapy affects those who are somewhat depressed and experience exhaustion, loss of appetite, and mental symptoms. They discovered that using an infrared sauna considerably improved their mood and increased their appetite.

It has also been demonstrated that whole-body heat therapy lowers depression in cancer patients.

Additionally, numerous studies have demonstrated that sweating boosts mental satisfaction & energy.

6, Reduction in Stress and Anxiety

It should come as no surprise that saunas help lower stress and anxiety.

Numerous studies have demonstrated that frequent sauna use reduces cortisol levels, your body’s primary stress hormone.

Researchers discovered in one study that utilising a sauna can lessen both state and trait anxiety.

According to another study, sweating promotes relaxation and lessens feelings of stress and anxiety.

7, Myelin Growth

A fatty, white material called myelin covers the tips of many nerve cells. It creates a sheath that is electrically insulating and speeds up nerve conditions.

In other words, it enables your brain to transmit information more quickly and effectively, making it crucial for the proper operation of your neurological system.

Prolactin, a hormone that encourages the formation of myelin, is increased by heat stress.

In one study, when researchers made healthy young men spend as much time as possible in the sauna, they found that prolactin levels increased by ten times.

In another study, ladies spent 20 minutes in the sauna twice a week, and prolactin levels increased by 510%.

8, Reduce Dementia Risk

Today, dementia is undoubtedly a serious concern.

An estimated 676,000 people in England are thought to have dementia. An estimated 850,000 people are living with dementia throughout the entire United Kingdom. The probability of having dementia after the age of 65 generally doubles every five years, and it primarily affects older adults.

As there are now few choices for successful therapy, it is essential to develop straightforward prevention methods.

Infrared saunas can lessen the chance of developing dementia.

Over 2,300 Finnish men were monitored for their health by researchers over the course of about 20 years. When compared to males who used saunas just once a week, men who used them four to seven times per week had a 66% lower risk of dementia.

9, Help Eliminate Heavy Metals

According to studies, using a sauna can help remove environmental toxins that are trapped in fat tissues and can obstruct weight loss. The body can become overprotective in response to heavy metals and fat-soluble pollutants including PCBs, PBBs, and HCBs, which sets off an inflammatory response from the immune system. By heating the body at the cellular level, infrared sauna therapy aids in the body’s detoxification and inflammation reduction.

10, Improves Sleep

According to a recent study, those who get less sleep, less than six hours, have 1.5 times more asthma attacks and lower health-related quality of life than those who get the recommended seven to nine hours per night.

And one approach to enhance sleep is by frequently utilising an infrared sauna.

According to Finnish researchers, using an infrared sauna is one of the things that can lead to deeper, more peaceful sleep.

How often should I treat my Sciatica
with an infrared sauna?

The Pure Medical sciatic treatment programme is patient-dependent; some individuals may need a few weekly sessions, others monthly sessions, while some may get positive responses after only a few sessions. Our specialist doctors will assess you over the treatment period.

If you experience any side effects, it’s important to pay close attention to your body and stop using the infrared sauna.

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