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Infrared Sauna
for Cellulite

Infrared Sauna for Cellulite

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One effective method for reducing cellulite is to use an infrared sauna. Red and near- Infrared Sauna for Cellulite stimulate and promote the body to cleanse, burn fat, and regenerate collagen connective tissue. To maintain skin suppleness and prevent cellulite buildup, collagen is essential.

A popular kind of heat therapy for conditions including depression and chronic pain is the infrared sauna. It can, however, lessen the appearance of cellulite.

By promoting lipolysis, increasing collagen and elastin formation, and enhancing blood circulation, infrared saunas effectively reduce cellulite. Infrared sauna mixed with red light therapy, physiotherapy and radiofrequency therapy yields the best outcomes. To develop the best treatment plan for you, first, speak with Pure Medical’s specialist doctors.

Continue reading to find out how using an infrared sauna decreases the volume of cellulite, tightens skin, creates collagen, and burns fat.

Can cellulite be reduced in an infrared sauna?

Infrared Sauna for Cellulite has a wide range of health advantages. Is one of them minimising cellulite?

By boosting circulation, infrared saunas can penetrate the subcutaneous layer and reduce cellulite. When the temperature rises above 44°C, this aids in the body’s breakdown of fat cells and releases their constituents, such as water and carbon dioxide. Additionally, infrared saunas assist our bodies in eliminating pollutants like heavy metals and bisphenol A through sweat.

Our bodies require fewer fat cells for storage as there are fewer substances in our system that are fat-soluble. This procedure is crucial since the retention of some dangerous substances might prevent weight reduction and worsen cellulite.

Fat deposits under the skin that resemble puckered bumps are called cellulite. Women typically have it in their buttocks, thighs, and abdomen.

Exercise, a balanced diet, and invasive or noninvasive medical procedures are other approaches to reducing the appearance of cellulite.

Is infrared Suana for cellulite

An infrared sauna uses technology that is very powerful.

In 90% of the post-pubertal women investigated, infrared light, radiofrequency, and mechanical tissue manipulation reduced the appearance of cellulite, according to 2005 scientific literature.

Infrared radiation increases blood flow to places with poor circulation when it is absorbed by the skin. Additionally, infrared sauna heat relaxes muscles and lowers the synthesis of cortisol (which helps with fat loss and cellulite appearance).

10 Benefits of infrared sauna for Cellulite

1, Can you tighten your skin in an infrared sauna?

Can infrared saunas tighten your skin as they effectively reduce cellulite?

The type I and type III collagen and elastin that are produced are stimulated by the red light of an infrared sauna. Collagen promotes skin cell turnover, keeping your skin firm and smooth, while elastin helps your skin resist gravity and maintain its suppleness.

Both are essential for tightening the skin on your body as a whole, not just on your face.

Other methods of protecting elastin and collagen include giving up smoking, limiting sun exposure, avoiding sweets, and avoiding processed meals.

2, Infrared Saunas Produce Collagen

The infrared sauna, as we already discussed, is excellent in promoting collagen formation.

A 2006 study established that two hours after infrared exposure is when a person’s total soluble collagen increases. The majority of the participants noticed an average 63% improvement in skin texture and roughness after 6 months of consistent use of an infrared sauna.

In addition, an infrared sauna has the capacity to reach 7.5 cm below the epidermis, per a 2017 study. This encourages detoxification and helps maintain the health of the skin.

3, Does infrared sauna break down fat

One of the main methods for reducing the appearance of cellulite is massage.

Although no specific studies have linked infrared massage to the burning of fat, it is known that heated fat cells enlarge. The cells can dislodge a little quantity of fat and release toxins through a process known as lipolysis.

Additionally, massage can improve circulation, even out skin tone, and reduce cellulite dimples. A potent method to reduce cellulite is to combine the two.

4, Elimination of Toxins

Without effective circulation, waste products cannot exit our cells and neither do nutrients and oxygen that are beneficial to our health. Infrared saunas aid in the removal of hundreds of pollutants from the body, including pesticides, chemicals, and heavy metals. By neutralising the body’s overly acidic chemistry, sauna treatments can help remove lead, copper, mercury, arsenic, and cyanide while balancing the pH of the body.

Perspiration, which is produced by the heat produced by saunas, cleanses the skin from the inside out. Although the skin is intended to be a key organ for removing bodily wastes, most people don’t sweat enough for it to be active. Toxins are released from the fat layers just beneath the skin by the deep penetration of infrared heat, and they are then eliminated through sweat. A pint of toxic sweat can be produced in just a few minutes in a sauna due to the dry heat, which can raise skin temperature to about 40° C. Many people, especially those who drink several glasses of water prior to entering the sauna, will also sweat out a lot while there.

Infrared saunas not only help to cleanse the skin but also decongest and remove toxins from the interior organs. Estrogen, toxins, and harmful metals can accumulate in the liver, kidneys, and other internal organs. These eliminatory organs’ overload, slowness, and congestion severely impede the detoxification of all hazardous chemicals in our systems. For those who are fighting cancer, this is a very serious issue. To remove heat, blood is moved in saunas from the body’s centre to its extremities. Infrared saunas also aid in the decongestion of the body’s internal organs by causing blood to migrate toward the surface of the body.

Researchers examined the perspiration from both conventional and infrared saunas to determine how this functioned. Traditional saunas produced sweat that was roughly 97% water and 3% pollutants. Only 80–85% of the perspiration produced in infrared saunas was water. Heavy metals, sulfuric acid, sodium, ammonia, uric acid, and fat-soluble toxins made up the remaining 15–25% of the sample.

5, Weight Loss

Obesity is a recognised risk factor for both developing cancer and dying from it. There are several causes for this, including the fact that hormones and carcinogens that cause cancer are lipophilic, meaning they stick around in fatty tissue and are difficult to metabolise out.

Clinical studies have demonstrated that using infrared saunas can significantly speed up weight loss and help burn fat. Infrared saunas significantly reduce weight and waist circumference in just three months, according to a 2009 study. The results were much more significant for people who are sedentary as a result of illnesses like cardiovascular or respiratory issues. In his paper on the several advantages of far-infrared saunas, renowned integrative cardiologist Dr Stephen Sinatra makes the following claims: Their deep-penetrating infrared rays promote blood flow, which quickens metabolism and increases calorie burning by up to a few hundred calories per session. The body works hard to cool itself during a 30-minute sauna session as the core temperature rises, frequently burning 300–500 calories in the process.

6, Immunity Activation

While traditional cancer treatments frequently inhibit immune function, hyperthermia has the opposite effect thanks to a variety of immune cell reactions. German academic Rolf Issels, MD, PhD, of the University of Munich, claims that hyperthermia results in the production of “heat shock” proteins on the surface of cancer cells, leaving those cells more vulnerable to the immune system attack.

In Fort Langley, British Columbia, doctor Gurdev Parmar of the Integrated Health Clinic concurs. He argues that heat makes cancer cells stand out from healthy ones, causing an acute and persistent immune response. Because the damaged proteins on the surfaces of tumour cells differ noticeably from those of healthy cells, the immune system becomes concerned and macrophages and natural killer (NK) cells are swiftly dispatched to the tumour. These cells subsequently stimulate dendritic cells (DC), which then give T cells the proteins that have been degraded by heat. The development and migration of DCs to the lymph nodes, where T lymphocytes are activated against the cancer cell proteins, are facilitated by hyperthermia. The Cytotoxic T Lymphocytes produced by the activated T cells subsequently go for and kill tumour cells.

Doctors agree that heat treatments, particularly whole body hyperthermia, “may boost and reinforce the operation of the body’s immune system” at Clifford Hospital Hyperthermia Clinic in Guangzhou, China, which is conceivably the largest hyperthermia centre in the world. It can activate long-acting T cells at a core temperature of 41.8 °C, or around 107 °F. Whole body hyperthermia “can increase the activity of T- and B-lymphocytes and the anti-tumour activity of…NK cells, and can facilitate the redistribution of the body’s white blood cells to improve the monitoring function of the body’s immune system” at a body temperature of 39.8 °C (about 104 °F) sustained for a period of six hours.

Although there are numerous ways to induce hyperthermia, infrared saunas are undoubtedly among the simplest and safest. “Materials emitting electromagnetic radiation in the far infrared range, which are widely used in Japan for cosmetic therapeutic… purposes, appear capable of potentiating leukocyte functions without promoting oxidative injury.

7, Relaxation & Stress Relief

Therefore, treatments that block the sympathetic nervous system, such as infrared saunas, are beneficial for the treatment of cancer. When the parasympathetic nervous system, which encourages rest, relaxation, and recovery, is dominant, the body heals.

In numerous different ways, infrared saunas can encourage parasympathetic activity. Normal heat production, a sympathetic process, is significantly slowed by sauna heat. Saunas move blood away from the body’s centre and toward the extremities to disperse heat. This works against one of the sympathetic nervous system’s key functions, which is to move blood to the body’s core as a defence mechanism against an assault. Additionally, saunas rid the body’s tissues of toxins that irritate it and keep it in a sympathetic state. By aiding in the reduction of excessive acidity in the body, inhibiting the sympathetic nervous system can also aid in the healing of cancer. We all know that cancer thrives in an acidic environment.

The influence of saunas on the nervous system may also have an impact on cancer patients’ propensity for depression, pain, and appetite loss. In a study published in Psychosomatic Medicine, 28 people with mild depression were the subject of the investigation. For four weeks, one-half of the patients used an infrared sauna once daily, while the other half received only bed rest. Comparing the sauna group to the control group, a considerable improvement was seen.

How often should I treat Cellulite with an infrared sauna?

Depending on the severity of cellulite Pure Medical may suggest using adjunctive therapies to Infrared Sauna for Cellulite as listed below. Although the number of sessions per week cannot be determined in advance, infrared saunas are safe to use every day. In fact, if you use it consistently, your wellness will improve faster. Most people participate in 30-45 minute sessions, three to four times each week on average.

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