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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Equality, Diversity
and Inclusion

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

In order to realise its mission, Pure Medical Group recognises the significance that Equality, Diversity, and Inclusive practises will play.

We acknowledge that there are differences and disparities in our society, and we have a responsibility to challenge all prejudice and reduce inequities in access to and use of our services.

While ensuring that all of our coworkers and service customers have equal opportunities, we also want to make sure that the organisation benefits from differences and individuality.

Pure Medical Group is committed to upholding its duty to be an informed, welcoming, respectful, and empathetic employer and service provider as an organisation working to be a champion for equality, diversity, and inclusion.

Pure Medical - Equality


Ensuring that everyone has equal access to opportunities that allow them to maximise their lives and abilities. We can make sure our services are equitable by identifying, confronting, and resolving the obstacles and disparities faced by people with protected characteristics.

Pure Medical - Diversity


It is the individuality of each person. Pure Medical is committed to ensuring that we are representative of the communities we serve in order to better fulfil their needs. We do this because we recognise the value of having a variety of perspectives, experiences, and thoughts within the organisation.

Pure Medical - Inclusion


Characterised by equal participation opportunities. No matter their culture, identity, or circumstances, Pure Medical is dedicated to upholding an inclusive workplace with equitable policies and practices so everyone feels like they belong and can work to their full potential.

Zero Toleration

Because Pure Medical owes it to its employees to defend their health, safety, and welfare, the company is united in its opposition to all forms of abuse, aggression, and discrimination.

In order to promote ongoing improvement in this area, Pure Medical addresses improper conduct and disparities that may be encountered by colleagues. To this end, it continually reviews and enhances its organisational framework (policies, processes, and culture).

Pure Medical Mindful Employer

Pure Medical - Disability Confident

Pure Medical - Menopause Friendly

Pure Medical - Freedom to Speak

Pure Medical - Premature Babies

EDI Quality Measures and Key Performance Indicators

Workforce Disability Equality Standard

The Workforce Disability Equality Standard (WDES) is a collection of ten distinct measurements (metrics) that allow provider organisations and the NHS to compare the career and workplace experiences of handicapped and non-disabled employees. In 2022, Pure Medical started taking part in the WDES.

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Equality Delivery System

EDS2 is in alignment with the NHS’s goal of providing inclusive services that are fair and equally accessible to everyone. Pure Medical first took part in the EDS in 2021.

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Workforce Race Equality Standard

There are nine WRES indicators that show the disparities between White and workers who are members of racial minorities in their experiences. As more data is received, analysed, and published each year, targeted action plans try to lessen inequities. In 2021, Pure Medical started taking part in the WRES.

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Speak Up – Be heard

We want to know when things go wrong in our business so that we can learn from our mistakes and make sure we don’t miss any chances to better things for our employees, clients, and patients.

The Speak Up Team is impartial and independent, but it does have a direct line to the executive team to make sure the issues raised are dealt with properly.

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Gender pay gap

Regardless of their job, the Gender Pay Gap illustrates the disparity in average pay between men and women across a whole organisation. In order for women and men to obtain equal compensation, they must perform the same job. This is different from equal pay. Every year, all businesses with 250 or more employees are required by law to publish their gender pay gap.

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