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Plantar fasciitis relief with CBD oil

The cannabis plant contains a chemical called cannabidiol (CBD), and products containing it are frequently used to relieve pain and inflammation.

While there isn’t a lot of research on the specific advantages of CBD for plantar fasciitis, many studies have found that cannabis may be useful for treating a variety of pain conditions. For example, a 2018 review evaluated the advantages of using cannabis to treat chronic pain, and a 2015 review examined the advantages of inhaling cannabis for treating chronic neuropathic pain.

Before using a product like CBD, it’s a good idea to speak with a healthcare provider to go through the proper dosage and other matters. Then, if you want to test CBD oil, you can choose from a few different applications. You can either apply a topical treatment containing CBD oil to your skin or use a dropper to place CBD oil beneath your tongue.

To ensure that the product won’t irritate your skin and contribute to your pain, be sure to conduct a patch test beforehand.