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Calling 111 NHS

Calling 111 NHS

Calling 111 – NHS

When you need medical treatment or advice quickly, but it isn’t an emergency, dial NHS 111.

If you’re not sure what to do, the 111 online services can help.

111 online can provide you with the following information:

  • If you’re not sure what to do about your symptoms, here’s where you can get help.
  • Where can I get general health advice and information?
  • Where can you get a last-minute supply of your prescribed medication?
  • how to get a repeat prescription?

When you have an urgent healthcare issue that isn’t life-threatening, dial 111 for free assistance. NHS 111 will direct you to the correct service, at the right time, and as close to your home as feasible following a brief evaluation.

The service is provided 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. All calls to 111, whether from a mobile phone or a landline, are free. If you require assistance, 111 services can provide translation services, and people with hearing impairments can use a relay service to communicate with the 111 providers.

When you dial 111, one of the NHS’s highly trained health advisers or clinicians will ask you a number of questions. Some of these questions may not appear to be related to your issue at first.

The questions, on the other hand, allow for a comprehensive assessment of the patient’s symptoms in order to determine the most appropriate healthcare advice or referral to local resources best suited to meet the required medical needs. An emergency department, an after-hours doctor, urgent care or walk-in clinic, a community nurse, an emergency dentist, or a late-opening pharmacist are all possibilities.

If the operative believes you require an ambulance during the assessment, they will make the necessary arrangements and provide guidance if required, to assist in the interim period until trained 999 professionals arrive at the scene.

When should you call 111?

  • You require medical assistance promptly, but it is not a life-threatening situation.
  • You don’t know who to contact for medical assistance, or you don’t have a doctor to contact.
  • You think you may need to go to A&E or another NHS urgent care facility, but you’re not sure which is the best or nearest option.
  • You require medical advice or assurance concerning what to do next.
  • You’re looking for information on medications.

Please visit the NHS website for additional information about the NHS 111 online service.