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Aesthetics Treatments

Aesthetics Treatments

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Aesthetics Treatments

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Treatment fads come and go, but progress is always being made due to advances in science, medicine, and technology. Pure Medicals leading UK aestheticians provide an insight on the upcoming treatment trends projected by the BABTAC (British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology), including non-invasive “tweak-ments” and the new device providing them.

Natural results

It may seem contradictory, but more and more of us are seeking natural-looking “tweaks” — it’s about enhancing, not changing. When it comes to skin rejuvenation, lasers can create a natural look rather than wrinkle-reducing injections (like Botox).

They combat obvious flaws like pigmentation, red veins, and irritated skin while keeping the skin in excellent condition and boosting everything from collagen to brightness. In spite of the fact that it may be a less evident strategy, it will result in more balanced and healthy-looking skin because they don’t have the recovery time they once did.

The benefits of collagen-regenerating procedures like Ultherapy, a non-surgical procedure for lifting and tightening the skin, are becoming more well known, especially among consumers aged 29 to 45, who make up 70% of Ultherapy patients.

This skin-savvy audience is utilising it as a preventative measure since they understand the advantages of building up their “collagen bank” for better skin in the long run. With the use of this non-invasive procedure, the skin can naturally tighten and lift, giving patients a more defined jawline or a more appealing brow lift. Pure Medical has noticed that it has recently become a more popular trend.

Combination treatments

When you can get two or three treatments at once, why get just one?

When we debuted two new treatments this year that included several modalities for the best outcomes, they consistently outperform expectations, which is something we want to accomplish, thus they are well-liked by our patients. By using a combination of techniques, practitioners are not always forced to use the most intrusive method.

For example, they can perform hydra-facials and rejuvenation treatments, which are less invasive.

Super spa-ing

Spas are increasingly adding treatments to their menus as opposed to being only a place to have a touchy-feely facial and lounge around in fuzzy slippers. Pure Medical provides aesthetic services in a spa setting and collaborates with hoteliers throughout the world. We truly believe that wellness is about feeling good on the inside and out, so if a more aesthetic treatment can give you the confidence to tackle the world, then bring it on. It’s a notion that is much more in line with the spa industries, where you may spa in the morning and get a chemical peel in the afternoon.

Improved body outcomes

Body care procedures are evolving. Pure Medicals Clinic offers treatments like CoolSculpting, the top non-invasive fat-reduction procedure, EMSculpt, Venus Legacy, a body-contouring technology that tones and tightens skin, Intraceuticals Oxygen Body, which uses serums along with oxygen to treat skin, and EndyMed (a skin-rejuvenation treatment combining micro-needling and focused radiofrequency).

Pure Medical recently unveiled Le Shape, a laser procedure for non-surgical liposuction, and also introduced targeted body treatments to its offer. The trend of using in-clinic muscle strengthening to supplement fat loss will continue. The inventors of the well-known fat freezing procedure, CoolSculpting, are introducing a muscle-conditioning platform CoolTone which will soon be available in our clinics. After CoolSculpting has reduced the bulk of the fat, this will help by promoting muscle hypertrophy.

There are clinical treatment options for all skin tones.

The cosmetic industry has just recently begun to embrace various skin types and tones, and therapeutic procedures like chemical peels, collagen induction therapy, and lasers are among them. Pure Medical’s clinics and therapists are trained to the highest standards in managing and treating all skin tones and comprehending cultural nuances.

We see a growth in popularity for energy-based rejuvenation procedures like Byonik and Alift because they don’t involve heat, making them appropriate for those with darker skin tones. The Black Skin Directory predicts that companies and developers will ensure clinical trials, imaging, and advertising that are more reflective of our varied society as a result of the industry’s widespread desire for inclusivity.