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The company

Pure Medical is working to make the population of the United Kingdom healthier, providing a system of comprehensive balance, energy, and proactive healing that helps you to feel your best, achieve your full potential and accomplish more of the things you like.

We believe in nourishing the body and utilising nature-inspired strategic, controlled stressors. Our approach enables your body to perform what it was created to do with the least amount of interference necessary.

We are forward-looking and dedicated to bringing innovative treatments to the most challenging conditions and diseases including; Pain Management & Supportive Care, Consumer Health, Anti-Infectives, Biosimilars, CNS, Diabetes, Oncology, Ophthalmology, Respiratory and transplantation immunity.

We’re dedicated to giving each and every person access to clear, credible, evidence-based health and wellness treatment and information that is distinguished by compassion.

We are currently seeking

• Acupuncturist
Private practice without overhead or doors. Join the largest online healthcare community in the UK. Simply put: You bring the clinical knowledge, and we handle the rest. We also include everything else. New vendors get a bonus for their first customer**.

  • Consistent referrals: Within the first 30 days, a full clinical caseload can be established.
  • With no overheads, there are never any charges made to the podiatrist.
  • Flexible schedule: You always have control over the timings of your appointments.
  • Pure Medical may serve as your primary source of income (i.e., “full-time”) or as an addition to your current employment (“part-time”).
  • Decision-making authority in clinical matters: You are the licenced and experienced clinician. Regarding the most efficient and therapeutically suitable course of action for each client, Pure Medical will defer to your professional clinical judgement and competence.
  • Resources that can help you: On the Pure Medical platform, podiatrists are given a free Pure Medical account so they can spend time on their own self-care.


Who Should Apply:


  • Podiatrists seeking a simple, all-in-one telehealth technology platform.
  • Podiatrists who desire to devote all of their time to clinical work and not to client acquisition, billing, support, or business operations. (We take care of everything!)
  • Podiatrists who desire the chance to work with particular populations or present issues.
  • Podiatrists who are completely concerned with maintaining their client’s privacy and confidentiality and who demand a cutting-edge technological platform with private, encrypted phone, video, and text-based communication.




Podiatrists are required to be registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and to have successfully completed an HCPC-approved Podiatry degree.

  • Own vehicle and equipment to visit patients
  • Outstanding written communication.
  • Professional liability insurance is required.
  • Pass a background check.
  • Reliable access to the internet.
  • Living in the UK.

**New providers. Within 15 days, onboarding must be finished and the first client accepted. Therapists are self-employed professionals.


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Author: GM_Pure_Medical