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Spa Business Audits

Spa Business Audits

Opulence by Pure Medical
Spa Business Audits

Are spa business audits required?

Yes, in a nutshell, and here’s why. Operational methods that are sluggish, outdated, inefficient, and ineffective are often connected to a company’s success. Without an updated, new, and realistic plan, it’s practically impossible to keep a firm afloat, let alone grow it. Guest experience, revenue growth, brand consistency, and even staff retention are all harmed when spa and wellness facilities are not running at full capacity. It is money well spent to do a thorough operational audit. After all, it serves as a road map for success and guarantees that the company adapts to various business stressors that affect its performance.

When a company goes “dormant,” it can be extremely difficult to make changes from within the company. The leadership gets caught up in the day-to-day activities and loses sight of the big picture. As a result, it may be vital to seek outside, objective, and unbiased assistance in order to jump-start your spa. A complete report on the state of the spa, as well as a step-by-step strategic plan to excite and revitalise the business, is provided by an Operational Business Audit to spa/hotel leadership.

It’s crucial that you hire the correct spa consultant to conduct a thorough audit. A constructive audit necessitates faith in the process, assurance in the report, and a commitment to assist those in charge of planning.


1. An overview of your spa’s goals and current state. Understanding current operational procedures and systems are critical to understanding the necessary modifications and improvements.

2. Leadership Responsibility. Assigning defined responsibilities and deadlines to members of the leadership team allows for quantifiable progress and guaranteed success.

3. A unified and updated vision. Teams might get complacent. An audit will provide a clear image, a practical road forward, and the opportunity to make improvements.

4. Prioritisation of Initiatives is the fourth step. Many modifications, some major and some minor, are frequently required. Prioritising the “to-do” list enables management to have an immediate and significant impact on the operations.

5. Industry Trends and Statistics Update. While following trends may not be the best strategy for every organisation, they do provide insight into what customers want. Understanding market trends and statistics can help you better analyse and prepare your company for future success.

Our Asset Management Division, a UK first for the industry, is dedicated to maximising the value of your spa. We’ve unlocked the formula for long-term profitability, putting an end to the costly cycle of spa reinvention that only provides short gains. Instead, the Opulence by Pure Medical Management team employs strong business practices, beginning with a Spa Audit. The Spa Audit can be used on its own or as the initial step in our one-on-one, comprehensive Spa Asset Management programme.

The Spa Audit is not mystery shopping; rather, it is a process that assesses the spa objectively using our proprietary analytical tools and a deep dive into the financials, as well as subjectively through the eyes of a team that understands how to prioritise profits without sacrificing the guest experience. Our spas are financially successful.

The outcomes of the four-day on-site Spa Audit are detailed in a thorough report that includes the Audit Dashboard, expenditure dashboard, and key performance metrics, as well as our findings, methodology, and analytics. But the best thing about The Spa Audit is the step-by-step solutions we offer, which draw on our winning team’s expertise. Staffing, compensation, and team dynamics; marketing, sales, and revenue optimisation; competition and pricing; and operations and inventory management are all possible solutions. We get to the bottom of things.

The Spa Audit is your solution if you believe your spa assets could perform better or if a disproportionate amount of your or your property management team’s time is spent directing the spa business’s operation.

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