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Outsourced Spa Operations

Outsourced Spa

Opulence by Pure Medical

Pure Medical the UK’s leading Medical Spa company have recently launched Opulence.

Opulence by Pure Medical was founded in 2020 by Gary McCauley, a veteran of the medi-spa industry, operating the most innovative, service-centric, and performance-optimised branded spas in the hospitality industry.

Opulence by Pure Medical turns spas into very profitable business models in the world’s most prestigious hotels.

It is no secret that running a spa is a challenging business to master
The harsh reality is that many enterprises in this market are losing money
or falling short in terms of customer satisfaction

While traditionalists in the hospitality industry may not regard spa and wellness facilities to be at the top of their priority list when it comes to running a successful hotel, such services should not be overlooked in terms of how crucial they are and can be, in enhancing a hotel’s success. The global wellness business which has an estimated value of over $4.4 trillion dollars (Global Wellness Institute, 2020), is undoubtedly one from which many hotel companies can benefit, provided that spa and wellness concepts are appropriately conceived and implemented.

Choosing the right starting point or continuing path for a hotel or resort spa can be a difficult and perplexing task. It entails acquiring a thorough grasp of the options available, weighing the risks and benefits of each, and assessing considerations in relation to the property’s basic values and positioning.

The end goal is simple to define but difficult to achieve for many hotel operators: to have a fantastic spa on-site that provides consistent and exceptional guest experiences while increasing key performance indicators such as ADR, occupancy rates, average guest spend, and overall price premiums.

The terrible reality is that no one-size-fits-all solution exists for achieving this goal. Both operating a spa domestically or outsourced spa operations to a third-party organisation like Opulence by Pure Medical have advantages and disadvantages. Some of the most important elements to consider when navigating the spa industry are listed below.

Opulence by Pure Medical

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