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Spa Management Services

Spa Management

Opulence by Pure Medical
Spa Management Services

If you are a general hotelier or own a hotel, you will understand that it isn’t straightforward to run a hotel spa operation successfully. If you must manage your spa in-house, then there are several consideration factors to ensure that your entire team can do the work effectively.

As leading specialists in spa management services, our mission at Opulence by Pure Medical is to create unique luxury spa and wellness solutions.

However, if you wish to work with spa consultants, hire a spa management company or reach out to spa management services providers, then you must have a proper business model that will accommodate the spa management workforce and their ways of working in a way that is relevant and convenient to your business. Working with a suitable spa management team for your hotel is crucial in ensuring that quality spa services are offered to your guests while you concentrate on other departments within your hotel.

How to Find a Good Spa Management Company to Work With

If you decide to engage the services of a third-party spa management company, be sure they are a good fit for your hotel and that their services are in line with your business plan. Examine their operational experience as well as their ideology. Also, rather than assigning all of the services to the spa providers separately, ensure that you combine them into a partnership.

Developing a flawless connection with the third party is critical to ensure that the hotel and spa services run smoothly and without interruptions. It also ensures that your hotel’s culture and working methods are included in the spa treatments while maintaining the aesthetics.

Opulence by Pure Medical collaborates with our partners on revenue sharing or leasing arrangements based on their business potential.

Owners looking for a comprehensive spa management solution will find that the Opulence team of specialists can not only develop your spa business but also provide value and visibility to your property or whole portfolio by applying state-of-the-art spa management methods and by introducing innovative treatments and therapies.

Pure Medicals sales, marketing and spa consultants assess the current infrastructure, operation, and staffing requirements, as well as the model’s potential.

We also take into account a variety of additional aspects and elements, which are then subjected to a thorough and competent analysis.

The following are some of the most important features we provide:

  • Internationally qualified, experienced, and accredited spa personnel
  • Advice on strategic direction, revenue management, marketing and branding
  • Mentoring senior team members
  • Spa menu and service design
  • Obtaining spa goods with the necessary MSDS
  • Keeping the right amount of merchandise and inventory
  • Taking care of day-to-day operations
  • Surprise audits to verify SOPs are strictly followed
  • Spa personnel receive regular training and skill-building workshops to help them improve and diversify their abilities
  • Transparency in billing and other transactions by means of required software
  • Marketing Innovation
  • Business acumen
  • Brand by professionals from hospitality background, spa and wellness experience

Get Your Spa To Reach Its Full Income Potential
With Spa Management Services

Quality spa & leisure facilities are increasingly a must-have for both business & leisure travellers looking for a place to stay.
Do you have a facility that stands out?

We Maximise Your Income

Opulence will go over the treatment menu with you to make sure it’s right for your market.

We receive the greatest support from the software and product suppliers, which will help to boost your brand awareness.

A thorough marketing strategy will be developed that incorporates the spa’s culture and brand, as well as a promotion plan that details both online and offline channels to be employed. All of the spa’s communication and promotion will be cost-effective thanks to Opulence.

To increase the number of conversions from prospects to customers, a sales system is implemented. All employees will receive sales training, and we will track and manage the sales effort on a daily basis.

We strive to provide great service, with customers leaving the spa not only satisfied but also eager to recommend the spa to their friends and family.

Our high standards are maintained by adhering to established policies and processes and employing highly motivated therapists who give great service with each treatment.


We Minimise Your Costs

We cut operating costs by utilising our own national buying cooperative with over 200 clubs and spas, providing us negotiating power when purchasing leisure-related items for our consumers.

Clients will delegate, rather than abdicate, control of the spa to a dedicated specialist team that will maximise profits.

Spa Development

Opulence by Pure Medical can help establish the spa concept and theme, provide space plans and requirements for room build-outs, as well as identify all of the specialised equipment required. We can create detailed financial models that include all of the assumptions and KPIs that support the numbers.

We’ll suggest a product line and treatment menu that complements your spa’s theme.

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