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Hotel Spa Asset Management

Hotel Spa
Asset Management

Opulence by Pure Medical
Hotel Spa Asset Management

Pure Medical’s market-proven methodology for increasing spa performance, asset protection, and profitability.

The first of its type, our Spa Asset Management Division is dedicated to maximising the value of your spa assets. We’ve unlocked the formula for long-term profitability, putting an end to the costly cycle of spa reinvention that only provides short gains. Pure Medical has identified specific areas of expertise and uses proprietary methods such as Pure’s Spa Audit and other tools to assist you in finding strategic and tactical opportunities to contribute to the goals of your facility. Pure Medical is the only company that takes an asset management strategy to turn your spa into more than just a luxury location. This equates to increased net operating income and a greater asset valuation.

A robust operating model for your executives and frontline workers is the first step in giving your customers peace of mind. Fostering an environment where employees feel valued and supported will result in a team that actively seeks to add value to your customers. Pure Medical will give you the tools you need to create an environment that encourages employees to care for your clients.

Our cutting-edge technologies and processes produce market data and research, allowing you to see where your spa is losing money due to outdated management, payroll, and pricing practices. We also uncover underserved markets and marketing options that have been shown to increase traffic.

Revenue Enhancement, Operational Excellence, Financial Optimisation, and Risk Mitigation are all areas where Pure Medical’s Opulence team excels. We operate as your eyes and ears wherever your spa requires assistance, protecting your financial investment and generating new revenue that turns the spa into a lucrative asset.

We lay out short and long-term goals, and then follow up with regular interactions to ensure that objectives are accomplished, the on-property spa management team is operating as expected, and strategies are appropriately implemented.

The first step toward getting where you want to go is to understand where you are. Pure Medical Opulence’s unique Spa Audit is the first step in a comprehensive spa asset management programme, which includes competitive set analysis and is tailored to your property’s needs.

The spa asset management strategy is tailored to the specific needs of each customer and can include marketing, HR, and operational support. As always, our goal is to advance the owner’s interests by enhancing the spa’s profitability, providing a flawless guest experience, and increasing the asset’s value and visibility.

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