Visionary Business Angel Wanted

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The company

Pure Medical is working to make the population of the United Kingdom healthier, providing a system of comprehensive balance, energy, and proactive healing that helps you to feel your best, achieve your full potential and accomplish more of the things you like.

We believe in nourishing the body and utilising nature-inspired strategic, controlled stressors. Our approach enables your body to perform what it was created to do with the least amount of interference necessary.

We are forward-looking and dedicated to bringing innovative treatments to the most challenging conditions and diseases including; Pain Management & Supportive Care, Consumer Health, Anti-Infectives, Biosimilars, CNS, Diabetes, Oncology, Ophthalmology, Respiratory and transplantation immunity.

We’re dedicated to giving each and every person access to clear, credible, evidence-based health and wellness treatment and information that is distinguished by compassion.

We are currently seeking

• Visionary Business Angel Wanted
• Candidates who are bilingual are encouraged to apply

Investing in a start-up is easy. 90% fail, but they got going. The difference between successful start-ups and doomed ones? The investor’s ability to predict the future.

Think Babylon Health or Brewdog. The people who laughed at these concepts a few years ago are likely doing more than kicking themselves now.

Before you ask, no – you don’t need a crystal ball to apply to become a Pure Medical investor.

We are actively searching for investors who know a good investment when they see one.

We want investors who don’t ask, “will it fail?” or will I lose out?”. We want investors who see diamonds in the rough and ask, “how much can I put in?”. We want investors who have a long-term outlook.

Just look at us. No one in the UK knows what a retail wellness clinic is – even though we are based on widely established overseas business models (think Restore Hyper Wellness). They had never heard of it, so they didn’t trust it and didn’t want to invest in it. At least, old-school investors with outdated mindsets don’t.

We want investors that believe in our project just as much as we do, and together, we will secure the £2.5m goal in no time.

Utilising the latest holistic healthcare technology, providing illness and injury recovery, treating the patient’s root cause, rather than masking the symptoms with conventional medicine.

With a sharp focus on health & wellness transformation that targets the 15 million people in England that have a long-term chronic illness, we don’t seek merely speculators (i.e. old-school investors with outdated mindsets). We want partners who want to be the change they want to see and are ready to invest in the future healthcare they want to exist.

Got Pure Medical Spirit? We. Want. You.

Are you a visionary business angel? Do you think this project sounds like everything you want to invest in? You can apply today for more. We’ll wait for your message.