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What is PureTeeth™ Dental Pulp Stem Cells?

Stem cells from your child’s teeth may provide a lifetime of health benefits. The healthy operation of our body depends on stem cells. They are crucial for addressing damage brought on by disease, illness, or injury since they are in charge of continuously renewing and repairing cells found throughout the body.

The pulp of our teeth is one important place to look for stem cells. Tissue cells all throughout the body can be repaired by tooth stem cells.

What are tooth stem cells?

Dr Songtao Shi made the initial discovery of stem cells in the dental pulp of teeth in 2000. Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs), which are also present in the bone marrow and can regenerate and repair damaged tissue cells in muscle, cartilage, fat, and bone, have been found to exist in the dental pulp.

Numerous investigations have shown that these cells can be separated from healthy adult teeth or milk teeth and stored for use in potential future therapies.

Stem cells degenerate with time, like all other cells in our bodies. Because they are fresher and healthier, stem cells from milk teeth are particularly beneficial.

Should you ever require MSCs to cure illness or repair damaged tissue, preserving these cells in a specialised stem cell bank offers a higher probability of success.

How can tooth stem cells be used?

MSCs have been identified in tooth stem cells and are frequently detected in groundbreaking investigations. They are widely recognised as an important component of healthcare advancement. Due to their significant capacity for differentiation, current research focuses on isolating, re-injecting, and cultivating MSCs to treat a wide range of illnesses and ailments, that include:

PureTeeth - Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

PureTeeth - Parkinson’s disease

PureTeeth - Type 1 Diabetes

PureTeeth - Heart Disease

PureTeeth - ADHD & Autism

Why Should You Bank Pureteeth™ Stem Cells?

Although MSCs have been shown to be a safe kind of treatment for degenerative and immunodeficiency disorders, all of these treatments are currently in the trial stage. They are simple to cultivate in culture and can be collected in an entirely ethical and non-intrusive manner. Because of this, many parents have decided to store stem cells from their children’s milk teeth as a form of health insurance.
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